Dutar sounds

Moscow International festival of arts named after Nury Halmamedov

project of Mamed Guseynov


Conference "Sounds of dutar" in 2019
The 4th international festival of arts " Sounds of dutar" was held in Moscow»
Opening of the III festival "Sounds of dutar"
Gala concert of the III festival " Sounds of dutar"
Festival "Sounds of dutar " - Exhibition of Izzat Klychev
Conference "Interpenetration of national cultures in the context of musical art"
"Competition" ("Shukur-Bakhshi") 1963 (film)
Gala concert. Closing of the festival on 3.11.2016
Art exhibition " Picturesque legends of ancient Merv"
Nury Halmamedov " Sounds of dutar". Performed By Mamed Huseynov
Nury Halmamedov. Documentary
Report on the II festival named after < br />N. Halmamedov
Interview with composer Mammed Guseynov
Creative evening of the composer Mammed Guseynov